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A new face in an old industry – Crapper King

portable toilets

We have a new friend and partner, Curtis Ingalls, who is the founder of Crapper King. Crapper King is located in Colorado about 20 minutes from our ServiceCore office. After buying his first portable toilet for a project, Curtis realized the market had a strong need for a reliable source of used portable restrooms. And thus, Crapper King was born – a company focused on delivering high-quality, used, units to PROs (and others) looking to avoid the price tag that comes along with purchasing new units.

Recently, we caught up with Curtis to learn more about who he is and how Crapper King fills a market need. “I am a serial entrepreneur and love creating companies that fill a unique gap in the market. I have been married for over 30 years to my high school sweetheart, and have two grown kids. I have an MBA and long history working with partners and service providers.” Curtis has lived in Colorado since 2002, but has also called Texas, Kansas, Missouri, and Iowa home.

Like many niche businesses, Curtis built Crapper King as a response to a personal need. At the time, Curtis had recently purchased a 40-acre property and was getting ready to build on it so he needed a portable toilet onsite. “I purchased a used unit and then my neighbors wanted one! So you might say it found me!”

Crapper King is a unique business because they buy used toilets, pump trucks, trailers, etc. and resell them to individuals and businesses to help reduce their costs. Crapper King’s customers include startup restroom businesses, landowners, general contractors, small businesses, homeowners, landscapers, etc. Crapper King is growing and will be expanding into pump equipment and trucks this year.

One of Curtis’ goals is to focus on helping new startup providers get into this business in underserved areas. “We know the startup costs can be a huge hurdle so we are offering used equipment (toilets, trucks, etc.) as a way they can get into the business and prove that it can be successful.” He felt partnering with ServiceCore was a smart choice to make sure he can expose customers to the other tools they need to grow quickly and successfully.

Due to COVID, costs are rising and there is less supply in the portable sanitation industry. Crapper King realizes these problems and offers a solution. Curtis mentioned, “My inventory changes on a daily basis, so if you have a need let us know what that is and we will go find it for you.” Crapper King also helps locate buyers for other business’s inventory, helping to move it out of that particular local market.

While he’s located in Colorado, Curtis isn’t just a regional player; he handles the logistics anywhere in the continental United States.  “We will give customers a clear timeline based on shipping time and their requested delivery date. We strive to meet each customer’s unique needs on their schedule.  It is not always possible but we do our best to deliver exactly what we promised on time.” says Curtis.

To find more information about Crapper King:

Phone: 720-999-3585
Crapper Kings Website:
Crapper Kings FaceBook:

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