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Crapper King Signs North American Distribution Agreement with P-Pod

P-Pod Restrooms will bend over backwards to improve the portable toilet business.

ENGLEWOOD, COLORADO, May 18th — Today Crapper King a leading broker in the US & Canadian Portable Sanitation Industry has signed a distribution agreement with P-Pod Restrooms to be their premier partner in North America.

Crapper King specializes in providing equipment and products for the Portable Restroom industry.  Being the clear leader in the market, it is a natural fit that Crapper King would partner with P-Pod who is taking a whole new approach to design.  P-Pod is a revolutionary new way to store, transport and service portable toilets.  They have designed a product so elegant that it is artistic to look at but most importantly incredibly efficient.  The P-Pod can fold itself in half and be stacked one upon the other allowing the Portable Restroom Operators (PRO) to fit 3 in the same space that 1 traditional portable toilet would occupy. A 40’x100’x16’ structure can hold up to 600 units. The P-Pod is a collapsible version of the traditional portable restroom that folds down to 36 inches high, which can be tossed easily into the back of a small pickup truck or a regular old minivan.  This feature also helps during commercial transportation as many more units can be delivered in the same amount of cargo space.  P-Pod also offers a removeable tank cartridge for quick, efficient and off-site tank cleaning so customers do not have to witness or smell the process on-site.  Crapper King will focus on the PRO’s showing them how this product can save them money and time while improving the customer experience. 

Crapper King is a leader in the Portable Restroom industry focused on solutions that help the operator, customer and treatment facilities.  We believe that companies can work together to change the Portable Sanitation industry for the better and that everyone can benefit from that while improving profitability and sustainability. Find out more at

P-Pod is a Portable Toilet manufacturer that believes form and function should go together.  For over 25 years, Advantage Engineering has been delivering the highest quality products and services to our valued clients across industries, including medical supply, aerospace, consumer and composite products, automotive and so much more!  Find out more at


If you would like more information about this release or our solutions, please call Curtis Ingalls at 720-999-3585 or email CrapperKingCO@gmailcom or Zane Hengsperger at 519-737-7535 x2042 or email

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