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PortaClear is a Disruptive Approach That is an Alternative for Managing Odor Control in Temporary Restrooms, Trailers and Route Service Trucks.

We guarantee PortaClear will eliminate your odor or your money back!

What is PortaClear and How Does it Work?

PortaClear replaces your typical blue deodorant, chemical based liquids with an all-natural water based solution for eliminating odors so often associated with portable sanitation – toilets, urinals, restroom trailers, holding tanks and service trucks.

PortaClear is a bio-catalyst liquid formulation that is an all-natural, non-chemical, sustainable product that prevents natural odors from human waste solids and urine in portable toilets, trailers and related service trucks. We developed this alternative product for the portable sanitation industry from our 20+ years in the municipal wastewater treatment industry. Color and fragrance have been added to this formulation to create PortaClear.

PortaClear works on a biological level and incapacitates the microbial production of noxious gases, vapors, odors, and corrosive elements while simultaneously generating biological pre-digestion.  Each portable toilet acts as a pretreatment site.

On a route of portable toilets using PortaClear the load of wastewater will be in a predigestion form that will improve relations and compliance with municipal and private dumpsites.  PortaClear is biologically beneficial to any wastewater treatment system and will transform your entire Portable Toilet Operator (PTO) system into an accelerated biological digestion pre-treatment process.

PortaClear is shipped in concentrate form (10 parts water to 1 part concentrate) to save you money and the environment.


Crapper King is the largest independent distributor of PortaClear in North America! We ship free and direct to you!  Our product is delivered quick and easy in just a few days.

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“We just eliminated the odor in a 1000 gal. trailer that services 900 Uber/Lyft drivers "a day" at Miami International. Nothing had worked before my new client tried PortaClear and the pump truck no longer has odor. Superior Science-Superior Performance."
Zach Wester