Crapper King, Used standard toilets


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we actually recommend it!

We don’t deliver but we would be happy to supply you with contact information for transportation companies.

Yes, but they are at a different rate than advertised. Check out our small quantity pricing on any product description!

– Standard Portable Toilets are generally 4’Lx4’Wx7’H

– Wheelchair Portable Toilets are generally 6’Lx6’Wx7’H

– ADA Portable Toilets are generally 8’Lx6’Wx7’H

28 standard units in a 53′ semi

20 standard units on a 40′ flat bed

Wheelchair units allow for a wheelchair to enter but ADA allow for a wheelchair to fully turn around inside.

ADA units are significantly larger than wheelchair units.

Notably, ADA units are often required per the Americans With Disabilities Act. Whereas, wheelchair units do not meet the full requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

All of our invoices are electronic. The invoices are sent direct via email and payments can be completed with the click of a button.

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